Your Own Cell Phone Repair Gig

Starting a cell phone repair biz?

Here’s some tips…

When someone breaks their tablet or cell phone… they will want want you to bring the tools and other parts you need to come to their location to repair it. Funny story- my mom’s house lady who is from cleaning service Pasadena MD dropped her phone and cracked the screen last time she was at my mom’s condo. Mom called me to come fix it. I was done before she even finished up the cleaning!

Cool thing is that even if you don’t know anything about cell phone repair right now, with the internet (and especially thanks to YouTube) you will be a pro in no time. I have personally watched hundreds of videos to learn my skills and you can too. I suggest JerryRigEverything’s channel and also like le55on’s channel. I suggest you choose something to start with either “android” or “iphone” repair and go on to learning about the other devices one after the other. With just a small investment in tools, you can become the local tech guru before you know it.  I wanna give a shout out to my neighbor who has a professional seo service Baltimore. She helped me figure out how to start my blog with this domain I already owned. She’s going to help me get leads to grow my business as soon as I’m up and running!

As far as parts for your repair biz go (charging ports, screens,and glass) I get all of my stuff from either Ebay or  Amazon. Just check their feedback to and be sure to only purchase from reputable dealers. Those parts from china are not always reliable. Also, my advice in just starting out your cell phone repair gig is to be sure you harvest whatever working parts you can from old cell phones before you take them to be recycled. These kinds of things can be harvested and save you loads of money: charging ports, LCDs, antenna cables, and screens..

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