Your Own Cell Phone Repair Gig

Starting a cell phone repair biz?

Here’s some tips…

When someone breaks their tablet or cell phone… they will want want you to bring the tools and other parts you need to come to their location to repair it. Funny story- my mom’s house lady who is from cleaning service Pasadena MD dropped her phone and cracked the screen last time she was at my mom’s condo. Mom called me to come fix it. I was done before she even finished up the cleaning!

Cool thing is that even if you don’t know anything about cell phone repair right now, with the internet (and especially thanks to YouTube) you will be a pro in no time. I have personally watched hundreds of videos to learn my skills and you can too. I suggest JerryRigEverything’s channel and also like le55on’s channel. I suggest you choose something to start with either “android” or “iphone” repair and go on to learning about the other devices one after the other. With just a small investment in tools, you can become the local tech guru before you know it.  I wanna give a shout out to my neighbor who has a professional seo service Baltimore. She helped me figure out how to start my blog with this domain I already owned. She’s going to help me get leads to grow my business as soon as I’m up and running!

As far as parts for your repair biz go (charging ports, screens,and glass) I get all of my stuff from either Ebay or  Amazon. Just check their feedback to and be sure to only purchase from reputable dealers. Those parts from china are not always reliable. Also, my advice in just starting out your cell phone repair gig is to be sure you harvest whatever working parts you can from old cell phones before you take them to be recycled. These kinds of things can be harvested and save you loads of money: charging ports, LCDs, antenna cables, and screens..

The tools I use most are as follows:

Universal Smart Phone Tool Kit- it has basic tools you need with 10 different screw driver bits that will work with almost any phone. The kit even comes with the special pentalobe that you’ll need for iphones. They’re durable, functional and only set ya back about $20.

Anti Static Brush- Also included in that kid are two anti static brushes. Ordinary brushes create static electricity. This builds up and can short out many electronic components. It is imperative to use a brush that cleans dirt out of charging ports and other spots without actually  damaging the phone itself.

Suction cup. But don’t depend on the one in the kit for this one. This is so important for the iPhone 5, 5c, and the 5s.  Apple now allows the screens to be pulled up and away from the top of the iphone itself allowing the screen to be switched from the device in under 5 mins. If you plan on doing more that one of these types screen repair, you’re better off spending a few extra bucks to get a good suction cup. I always say it is better to invest in the right tools for the job first time around, than trying to fret with another sub par accessory.

Isopropyl Alcohol- This is the secret sauce that helps restore all water damaged phones. First things first, you must power down any liquid damaged phone and bury it in a container of rice for at least 48 hours to draw the liquid out of the device. If a customer needs their cell phone repair done sooner, the thing you can do is open it up and use the anti-static brush to clean all the connections with this alcohol. It helps evaporate the moisture and ensures that no corrosion forms on any of the electronic components. Isopropyl alcohol evaporates almost immediately and is non conductive. I’ve found that if the cell phone still won’t power on, a simple battery replacement may be all that it needs to turn on again.

Side note:  Customers are willing to pay a lot of money to get all their pictures off their old cell phones and tablets. Nobody backs up their cell phones these days, even though it’s only About 60 bucks a year on Amazon.

Tweezers. You’ll be working with TINY screws. And, to make matters worse, not all of them are magnetized when you’re repairing a cell phone or tablet. You must have a decent pair of tweezers within . You’ll thank me every time that you use them. Again, only a couple of bucks on Amazon.

Digitizer separator machine (or heat gun for Samsung only repairs) Here is where things can get complicated. Anyone who can work a screw driver can swap the screen on a device. But replacing only the glass on a phone is where the skill comes in. It takes real practice to switch out a shattered glass with replacement glass on a cell phone. This is where the risk is, but it is also the most profit. It takes some time to get the hang of this, so plan get some cheap broken phones to practice on and expect to fail quite a bit while learning the process. Don’t forget, YouTube is your friend. Watching guys do it successfully helps so much. Having a decent machine that does the job for you is the fastest and easiest route, but plan on paying anywhere from  $60 to $400 dollars. Kits that comes with UV glue, molds and wire make it easier to start. You can swap the glass of a cell phone with just a heat gun, wire, and temperature sensor, but I don’t recommend it. With machine prices pretty reasonable, I’d suggest you just bite the bullet and get one. It all just depends on how many cell phone screens you’ll be doing and how quickly you’ll be ready for one.

As far as lead generation, for now, I do my advertising through word of mouth as well as craigslist. Just choose a few relevant key words and write a simple ad.  And, of course, prospecting random people I see with broken phones. “Hey, I notice your screen is broken, I can fix it and it’s cheaper than you think,  here is my card”- just something short and sweet, to-the-point. I’m looking forward to working with my neighbor to get more leads. I’ll let you know what I learn.

Anyway… It ain’t a get rich quick scheme, but I make an honest living doing worthwhile work and so can you if you are quick to learn and  pretty good with your hands.